parramatta river

From Silverwater to Greenwich and all the bays and coves in-between.


Flowing from the river’s source at Parramatta to where it eventually broadens into Sydney Harbour, Parramatta River offers diversity and surprises at every turn.

As the fledgling colony expanded westward, the river served as the highway along which the suburbs and industries of Sydney took route. Today as you paddle its winding waterways, you can also travel back through time. Grand majestic homes perched along the shoreline and leafy parks with their well-kept cricket ovals surrounded by gigantic Morton Bay figs, bare testimony to a by gone era.

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Parramatta River
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Along the river there are the remains of stone walls and jetties, old industrial sites and former military establishments such as Cockatoo Island or the Newington Armory. These last visible remnants of a working river are not only curiosities but in some cases offer exciting opportunities to visit and explore. Speak to us about organising tours as many are only available to inspect by appointment. But there is more to Parramatta River than just historic homes and sites. The river is being transformed, as extensive parklands of Mangroves and native vegetation are being reintroduced along its banks. Walking trails and picnic spots offer pleasant places to pull over and explore.

Go Green and Go Public Transport

Why not leave the car at home and book one of our public transport & kayak packages? Take the ferry, bus or train to any number of spots along the river, where we will be waiting to get you on the water. And with no car, there is no need to do a round trip, simply paddle to another pick-up point. With 33 klm of river to explore, what better way to spend a day?